International Business Management Major

The International Business Management major is designed to help students understand the needs of international trade development and to enhance a student’s ability to compete in the marketplace of the future. The International Business major was established in 2015 as a response to the rapidly changing international economy and the need for international entrepreneurship.

Utilizing all that Shanghai has to offer as an international economic center, the International Business major cultivates and practices the socialist core values, integrity, and economic literacy. It helps students to have an international vision as well as inspires innovative thinking, as it provides hand-on teaching of teamwork, operational management, and communication.

A supportive environment for collaboration and team learning

Real Companies

Students create real companies

Team Entrepreneurship

Students learn in entrepreneurial teams that are supported by faculty coaches/mentors over 3 years.

International Experience

All students obtain international experience as part of their learning and aspiration to become global citizens. and they have the possibility to join international teams of MTA (Mondragon Team Academy) to travel the world and create cross-cultural projects.

Finish Education PBL

Teaching and learning are based on finish education methods [Team Academy].Because student projects are based on their passions, students are highly motivated and find the work over four years enjoyable and interesting.

“During the International Business Major, I am training my entrepreneurial skills, including leadership, communication, selling, branding skills.

I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur and right now I have a start-up project related to the food industry, in which, together with my team, we are developing an e-commerce platform to sell gourmet food products from Xinjiang Province to other parts of China.”

Cooper, 黄文俊

3rd year of International Business Major

English (Liberal Arts) Major

The English major program is designed to give Xing Wei students strong cross-cultural communication skills. Our English major programs allow students to freely choose courses in literature, history, philosophy, science, management, social science, and humanities. English major students will grow in their interpersonal skills, confidence, and ability to work with others as they learn all forms of English communication.

During the four years at Xing Wei, English major students grow in their ability to read English materials from great classic books to the latest information about the marketplace. Students will also learn how to effectively communicate through writing and in speech.

After graduating with an English major, Xing Wei students will have a broad international vision, creative thinking skills, and the ability to adapt to our rapidly changing society.

The experience in Xing Wei is like a new world of opportunities. You can create and you can build your learning path and experience all kinds of areas to discover what you are good at and what you love doing.

During my English major studies, I combine my passion for English learning, education, and basketball.

Ronny, 张浩榕

3rd year English Major Student