The Xing Wei Experience

Year 1


The first year at Xing Wei is spent familiarizing yourself with what makes our school unique. Special liberal arts and introductory classes are held for all new students where they get a sample of what Xing Wei has to offer.

These include but are not limited to the different student committees, core subjects and specialization exchanges with partner schools such as Shanghai Vancouver Film School, and Montessori.

The Xing Wei Experience

Year 2


Second year is when students start branching out from their introductory and core classes and experiment with all Xing Wei has to offer. From course creation to officially joining student committees, students play around with their curriculum and see what it is they wish to pursue.

This is also the year where International Business students start Team Academy and move downtown to begin their project-oriented learning.

The Xing Wei Experience

Year 3


In the third year, students continue with their custom curriculum and further build upon the courses they have chosen beforehand.

This is also the year when most students choose to explore a specialization offered in one of our exchange programs. We are partnered with multiple other universities and learning institutions, offering programs ranging from film production to business entrepreneurship. This is also the year when most International Business students start their overseas experiences.

The Xing Wei Experience

Year 4


The final year at Xing Wei is when students finalize their learning and start exploring options for their future career. Along with their final thesis and business projects, students will also start to participate in more experience-based learning to help prepare them for what is to come. The final year represents the culmination of everything a student has experienced at Xing Wei and will hopefully help guide them onto their desired career paths.

Xing Wei is the real example of students at the center of education. Students have the decision power to define what the college will look like.

In Xing Wei all students are collectively responsible for what course we take, what kind of students we get, and which kind of faculty we hire, through student committees.

Thea, 潘燕

Alumni of Xing Wei College