Xing Wei & The Liberal Arts

The goal of a liberal arts education is to develop critical and creative citizens.

A student skilled in the art of listening, reading, reasoning, and communicating has the ability to examine the world closely. Xing Wei students are challenged to be critical thinkers that not only have the courage to make a judgment about the world, but also the courage to amend such a judgment if found to be wrong.

Xing Wei also encourages its students to be creative thinkers that have the courage to experiment with reality and draw unique conclusions regarding it. The individual who can think on their own and take responsibility for what they say about the world will be able to contribute to the flourishing of humanity - a valued citizen who contributes to the well-being of family, neighborhood, city, and nation.

Our goal is to move students beyond knowledge acquisition to self-led learning

Student Centered Education

“As a teacher, I want to create an environment that encourages my students to engage with big questions in critical and creative ways. I want to challenge my students and guide them at the same time.”

Ryan C. McIlhenny, PhD

Professor at Xing Wei College

A supportive environment for collaboration and team learning

Collaborative Team Learning

Because traditional education systems focus on student’s performance on standardized tests, they tend to neglect the student’s ability to collaborate and work as a team.

At Xing Wei, however, we believe to thrive in the information era, students need to nurture their ability to work with each other to achieve common goals. Xing Wei College applies the Team Academy methodology from Finland, which has been nurturing team-entrepreneurs for the last 30 years. It has been proven to be effective in supporting students in developing leadership skills, team management skills, and fostering their creativity.

Student Self-Government

One key aspect of Xingwei’s learning philosophy is learning by doing. We accomplish this by putting student in the center of college management.

All the major functions of the college are overseen by student- led committees, from facilities management to the hiring of faculty to campus activities Through working in committee management, our students practice collective decision making, leadership, and have hands-on practice in organizational development.