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Xing Wei is located in Shanghai, one of the most influential cities for global trade and technology. Xing Wei has two campuses. Our main campus is located in Nanhui and the second campus is located in the heart of the city of Shanghai.

The Nanhui campus covers an area of 354 hectares with beautiful canals and walking paths.

The Downtown campus is based in the WeWork co-working space where students can be in close contact with real startups and companies and easily visit other companies around Shanghai and China.

Our classrooms are equipped with all the resources necessary for an ideal learning environment. At Xing Wei, rather than traditional rows of desks and chairs, we prefer to organize our classrooms in circles to promote seminar-style mentor to student interaction.

At Xing Wei College, students and mentors live together. Our resident teachers interact with student outside of the classroom ensuring that learning, development and growth occurs in every area of our campus.

Main Campus

No. 1635 Cheng Nan Road, Huinan County Pu Dong New District, Shanghai 201300

Downtown Campus

No. 328 Tian Tong Road Hongkou District, Shanghai 200000

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