History of Xing Wei

Xing Wei College was founded in 2011. The college was founded as an experiment to see how an American liberal arts style college could function within China. Xing Wei’s desire was to cultivate a crop of students who could think in new ways.

In 2005, the campus of a cash-strapped college located 20 minutes from Pudong International Airport was purchased.

In 2014 a not-for-profit foundation was set up to support the development, turning to American colleges like Yale and Amherst for inspiration. The college was accredited the same year.

Now an accredited institution, Xing Wei continues to expand on its vision to not just copy what liberal arts education is in the States, but to seek how it can be done differently to better prepare its students.


"Xing Wei is a groundbreaking, non-profit liberal arts college committed to academic excellence. Through innovative, holistic teaching and learning we empower students to pursue their dreams and become leaders in a brighter global future."

XWC Philosophy

"We want students who have the courage to pursue their dreams, to know what they really want. That’s different from the traditional definition of top students. People who can think outside of the box need to have a lot of courage. We want to prepare students for a society that will be different from what they’ve experienced over the last 20 years. Liberal education prepares you for the rest of your life".

Cofounder of XWC


Students have the freedom to explore their interests and passion

At Xing Wei, we believe students need a variety of courses to be able to find their passion. We want to give our students the freedom to explore themselves, their career possibilities, and their natural way of learning.

Though Xing Wei students come from different backgrounds, they share a common goal: to understand our world and discover their place in it. Our students experience a different kind of college at Xing Wei.


Combining East and West education

At Xing Wei, we integrate the spirit of Western liberal arts education with the traditional Chinese philosophy of acting with consciousness. A Xing Wei student will learn not only the skills necessary to attain self-knowledge, to attain freedom, but also how act in way that is conscientious of how the individual impacts the community.

It is our hope that Xing Wei students will develop kindness and curiosity about the world around them.


Inspire student to be self-driven learners

Liberal art education does not limit its courses to subjects just within the student’s major but provides a variety courses covering natural science, social science, and humanities. As our students listen to the voices of the past, they will learn the necessary skills of reading, listening, reasoning, and communicating. Students can freely choose the courses that match their interests. At the same time, the school encourages students to use various resources to learn the subjects that fuel their passion.